For Designers

Although designers are excellent at being able to visualize a kitchen design, their clients often have trouble getting on the same page even with the help of floorplans and elevations.

A photorealistic rendering from Redstone Graphics eliminates any confusion by showing them exactly what their completed design will look like. You can also count on the high-quality rendering to spark excitement in your client and spur further dialogue about design and material choices, not to mention providing you with an unparalleled advantage over your competition.

For Manufacturers

For most cabinet manufacturers, product offerings are always changing and there is a constant need for new images to promote your products.

A photorealistic rendering from Redstone Graphics saves you from setting up expensive photo shoots while at the same time providing you with an extra level of control that you just don’t have in the real world. Whether you want to test market a new product before it goes into production or you just need a new image for your next advertisement, a rendering from Redstone Graphics will save you both time and money.

Getting Started

Getting started on a project is easy -- just send us as much information about the project as you can. This includes things like a floorplan and elevations, cabinet specs, door style, material choices, hardware, appliances etc. The more information we have, the more accurate the rendering will be.

Our Process

We begin our process by custom-modeling your entire kitchen layout in 3D from the ground up based on the information you provided. We then choose the best possible viewing angle and add furnishings to your scene to make it look more lived in. Next, we develop a unique lighting plan for your scene, apply your chosen materials to the geometry and render the image. Our extensive post-production process puts the final touches on your image and ensures that your design is shown at its best.

After receiving this image, you can send us back any corrections or last-minute changes so that we can repeat our process and then present you with the final image.

Redstone Graphics knows what it takes to get the job done. Our strength lies in our proven workflow, exceptional attention to detail, and a thorough understanding of the kitchen and woodworking industries.

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